Our Team

Greetings from the Premiere Playhouse team! We work hard all year round to produce the best community theatre Sioux Falls has to offer. And speaking of community, please call, email, or stop by our office at the Orpheum any time to talk theatre or just to say hi!

Robin Byrne

Executive & Artistic Director

Robin is a member of Equity the actors union. He trained in Drama and Theatre at the University of Manchester in the UK where he worked professionally for many years. In 2011 he was nominated for the United Nations NGO Positive Peace Award for delivering exceptional positive outcomes into non-profit organizations. His experience running operations for Xerox in Northern England combined with his theatrical background and non-profit achievements are a winning combination for the Premiere Playhouse.

Nadiah Abuswai

Admin & Marketing Coordinator

Nadiah has a background in media & journalism, along with a deep love of the arts. Outside of The Premiere Playhouse, Nadiah enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, gaming, and the lovely company of two cats by the names of Geralt and Hades.

Jazlynne Williams

Stage Manager & Production Manager

Jazlynne's love for Stage Managing lies in the processes of collaboration, communication, and creation. She loves to witness the development of ideas on a page to a final tangible piece of art on a stage.

"Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art" -Constantin Stanislavski

Jesse Jensen

Community & Development Coordinator

Jesse is a BFA theatre graduate of the University of South Dakota. He has years of experience writing grants, acting, directing, and teaching theatre throughout the midwest. Jesse is most remembered for winning two rope-skipping championships in 5th and 6th grade.

Alex Newcomb Weiland

Education Coordinator

Alex was born and raised in Sioux Falls. Having her roots in performance, she has always had a passion for education in the arts. She is ecstatic to be a part of The Premiere Playhouse crew!

Amber Sumner


Amber has a background in arts and finance with a love for attending music and theatre performances. When not bookkeeping, Amber likes to do yoga, garden, cook, create and spend time with her friends and family.

Kristy Morris

Ad Sales

Kristy has been involved with the theatre for 20 years; first as a volunteer and then as an employee. Besides being part of The Premiere Playhouse, I also work for the Washington Pavilion Box Office and for Five Star Call Center.

Chris Berke

Web Developer & Graphics Designer

When Chris isn't designing websites he likes to read, write, run, travel with his wife, Abby, and hang out with his two cats, Henry & Winston.