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Audition Notice: Freaky Friday & A Christmas Carol

Auditions for Freaky Friday and A Christmas Carol are coming up on July 22nd-23rd and the audition notice is now available! Check it out here to review the casting team, production details, character breakdown, audition requirements, casting notes, and more. The casting team asks that you register by July 21st so they know to expect you!

In preparation for these auditions, we spoke with the stage directors to get some insight on the casting process. Check out their interviews below then register to audition today:

Oliver Mayes
Stage Director, Freaky Friday

What is Freaky Friday about to you and why are you excited to bring it to life?
“I believe Freaky Friday is about learning to respect what it may be like to live in another person’s shoes. It is also about the immeasurable love that exists among families, and even friend groups, across the globe. It is truly a powerful and timeless message told through the lens of an American classic, the popular Freaky Friday franchise. As someone who is very close to his mother, and grew up watching Freaky Friday, I am excited to take on this show about family dynamics and finding appreciation for each other when times get tough.”

What advice would you give to those auditioning for Freaky Friday?
“Come in with a song that you love to sing and that allows you to tell a story or show your inner rockstar. We love to get to know folks through their auditions, so I encourage you to have fun with it. We really will be cheering you on! I always say that auditions help us understand what puzzle pieces of the production you could be, as well as how we could best help you in the rehearsal room. Don’t think of it as passing an exam or anything of the sort.”

What are you looking for when it comes to performers for this project?
“We are looking for a variety of folks at various ages with different strengths. I am interested in working with collaborative youth and adult performers who enjoy singing contemporary musical theatre, doing athletic choreography, playing multiple characters, or are interested in doing a musical with a sense of “realism” and “magic” to it.”

Who would you like to see come out for this show?
“I would like to see a more authentic reflection of the variety of families represented in Sioux Falls on our stage, particularly in a show like this that tells the story of many family dynamics that have the opportunity to be specified through diverse casting and nuanced performance choices.”

Jesse Jensen
Stage Director, A Christmas Carol

What can folks expect from your take on A Christmas Carol?
“The 2024 A Christmas Carol cast can expect actor driven artistic choices that don’t just support the themes of family and time, but also class and social injustice that supports the show’s cathartic theme of redemption.”

What will be different about the casting process for this year’s production?
“With so many A Christmas Carol alumni unavailable to return this season, there’s an opportunity to really reimagine these characters and their relationships with one-another. So we’re looking for interesting actor choices that may inspire some casting decisions. I typically like to give a little playful direction in the audition room (if there’s time) or at callbacks to put minds at ease about how we will work together and how much fun it is to think a little outside of traditional character choices when we think about this well-known text.”

What are you looking for when it comes to performers for this project?
“I am always saying that I’m looking for actors who are always making choices. I prefer a bold choice that might not not work than a timid choice that is appropriate. Rehearsal is a laboratory — it’s a place for experimentation and trial and error until ultimately a discovery is made. I also like to take advantage of other performance talent one may have. That may be music. It might be dance. It might be a gymnast who can perform a roundoff into a back handspring. If you do something performance related, I’ll be thinking about how to get it on stage.”

Who would you like to see come out for this show?
“ACC Alumni. New-comers. The experienced. The inexperienced. Ages 10 and up. People from communities who are underrepresented on the stages of the Sioux Falls area. Also anyone who just likes to have fun and meet new people.”

Is there anything else you would like to share about this year’s production of A Christmas Carol?
“When I’m working with community theatres, I put a big emphasis on the cast experience. Whether it’s a new-comer or Playhouse veteran, I love watching new friendships form while we collaborate to tell a story and develop both our artistic skills and relationships. To me, that’s the core value of community theatre. The welcome sign is on for everyone.”

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