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Young Frankenstein Cast Announcement!

The cast of TPP’s Season 20 opener Young Frankenstein has been announced! Sioux Falls audiences are in for a treat because this cast is packed with thrilling comedy and musical talents of various ages.

Leading the production as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein is Barry Longden alongside a stunning list of principal players that includes Casey Kustak as Igor, Alex Newcomb Weiland as Inga, Julie Sauer as Frau Blücher, Alexandria Mathews as Elizabeth Benning, and Nathan Sparks as The Monster. Leading the ensemble are Shawn Shannon II as Inspector Hans Kemp, Tyler Raehsler as The Hermit, Paul Ridgway as Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein (Frederick understudy), and Miles Cowan as Ziggy (Igor/Monster understudy).

The ensemble, who all play several characters, includes Ava Breems, Madison Gerhart (Inga understudy), Christian Heiberger, Jackson Heiberger, Landon Javers (Kemp/Hermit understudy), Adrian Johnson (Victor understudy), India Johnson, Grace Kjelden, Bekki Kniep, Malia Lukomski (Elizabeth/Blücher understudy), Lyn Mock, Beverly Roth, Leigh Spencer, Avianna Steen, and Jenni Weber (Ziggy understudy).

Single ticket sales just went live! Buy your tickets to Young Frankenstein here. Saw last season’s shows and know you want more? Do the smart thing by saving money and thinking ahead: purchase a season subscription here.

Get ready for a spooky time at the Orpheum!

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