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June 13 - 23, 2024
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Upcoming Acting Classes!

Greetings seasoned and aspiring actors! We want to remind you that we have TWO upcoming acting classes. Check out the details below so you can get registered. Hope to see you soon!

Building The World Of A Play

September 2, 2023

Embark on a creative journey where you’ll delve into the captivating realm of scenic designing and building. From conceptualization to construction, this workshop will guide you through the creative process and execution of building the world of a play, equipping you with the skills to bring the playwright’s vision to life.

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Actors’ Studio

Tuesdays, September 11 – October 16

Unlock the secrets of captivating performances with our 6-week scene study acting class. Dive deep into the nuances of character development as you explore a range of scenes, dissecting the script, analyzing subtext, and honing your emotional range. This transformative class will challenge and elevate your acting skills, providing a platform for growth and mastery in the art of storytelling.

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