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The Little Mermaid Cast Announcement!

The Premiere Playhouse is excited to announce our insanely talented cast of Disney’s The Little Mermaid! Check out the cast list below and get your tickets today, because ticket sales just went LIVE!

*U/S denotes Understudy

Madison Gerhart
U/S: Kate Stahl

Prince Eric
Connor Klimek
U/S: Jim McLain

Casey Kustak
U/S: Ryan Harrison

Ava Breems
U/S: Sophia Fette

Mike Richards
U/S: Grace Kjelden

King Triton
Clinton Store
U/S: Adrian Johnson

Etta McKinley
U/S: Allegra Sekely

Flotsam + Jetsam
Flotsam: Samantha Davis
U/S Flotsam: Anna Warntjes
Jetsam: Grace Kjelden
U/S Jetsam: Tiffany Koppes

Jessica Johannsen
U/S: Audrey Simmons

Chef Louis
Barry Longden
U/S: Joshua Allen

Aquata/P2: Alex Van Voorhis
Andrina/P6: Kjersti Olson
Arista/P5: Elaina Henderson
Atina/P1: Allegra Sekely
Adella/P3: Anna Warntjes
Allana/P4: Kate Stahl
Mersister U/S: Ceil Stoll

Dance Ensemble
(Maids + Gulls/Sea Creatures/Animals, et al)
Shannon Dancler
Tiffany Koppes
Abby Schwedhelm
Ceil Stoll
M/G U/S: Hope Humphrey

(Sailors/Chefs/Animals, et al)
Joshua Allen
Jamie Bowden
Rosie Contreras
Ryan Harrison
Christian Heiberger
Hope Humphrey (Leeward)
Adrian Johnson (Pilot)
Abby Kustak (Windward)
Barry Longden
Jim McLain
Lyn Mock
Torrance Serck

Youth Ensemble
Hanalei Barrett
Simon Cole
Beckett Kustak
Penelope Kustak
Sophia Fette
Camryn Mages

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