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September Newsletter

I’m writing this newsletter report from England where I have been for the last two weeks. I am finally out of quarantine! The enforced confinement has allowed me to attend meetings via zoom, etc. with my team, and also with the Washington Pavilion Marketing Team who is helping us with our Season 18 launch and our season ticket/membership sales.

We are looking forward to bringing It’s a Wonderful Life to the Orpheum in December to start our Season 18. The classic musical The Music Man will follow, and then at last we get to bring you Beauty and the Beast (which as you know is carried over from last season). We will end our season in June, a little later than usual, with a production of Footloose.

Season tickets are on sale for $100 for all 4 shows online and also from the Pavilion Box Office. Those who bought tickets last year for Beauty and the Beast will have a credit for Season 18 reducing your season ticket price to $75. If you wish to pay the full $100 price and consider making your existing credit of $25 a donation to the Sioux Empire Community Theatre, we would be truly grateful for your kindness and support. Simply tell the Box Office that you wish to donate.

My team and I have been heavily focused on fundraising over the past few weeks as this is
essential for us in order to keep going and fund the shows of the coming season. We are
looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor the shows, and we are looking for donations from everyone. If you can spare a few dollars then please go to our website and make a donation via our 120 Club. We accept one time donations of any amount or you can become a 120 Club member by signing on for a monthly donation of only $10. Please consider making a donation, any amount will help make a significant impact and keep our Community Theatre accessible in the future.

Finally please join the SECT Our Mayberry Campaign. If you simply text the word PAYBERRY to 900900 you will be sent a link that will open the app in your browser and allow you to make purchases from local participating businesses. Every time you make a purchase through the app, whether in store or online, will allow those businesses to donate part of the purchase to our Community Theatre. It’s easy, it’s free and you can benefit us just by buying a cup of coffee or a cotton candy. Check out the businesses that are passionate about supporting the Sioux Empire Community Theatre and save the app to your homepage to keep regularly buying local and supporting Community Theatre.

Robin Byrne

Executive Director

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