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June 13 - 23, 2024
Community Based Theatre In Sioux Falls, SD

‘Hair’ & ‘Oklahoma!’ Cast Announcement!

The Premiere Playhouse is excited to announce our casts for Season 21’s final two productions! We are constantly in awe of the talent here in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas, and we want to thank everyone who came out to audition. We can’t wait to see even more folks at next season’s auditions! Support local theatre today and buy your tickets to see these stellar casts in April for Oklahoma! and June for Hair.

Oklahoma! Cast List

Curly: Patrick Simonsen
Laurey: Betty Kay Merkle
Aunt Eller: Abby Kustak
Will Parker: Connor Klimek
Ado Annie: Ceil Stoll
Ali Hakim: Casey Kustak
Jud Fry: Adrian Johnson
Gertie Cummings: Madi Gerhart
Andrew Carnes: Mike Dinsmore
Cord Elam: Caleb Ritchie (Curly Understudy)
Ike Skidmore: Bob Nelson
Aggie: Ann Henkhaus
Fred: Samuel Scarson (Will Understudy)
Slim: Christian Heiberger
Mike: Logan Leavitt
Joe: Ian Ward
Chalmers: Charlie Ellingson
Ellen: Liyah White (Ado Annie Understudy)
Kate: Alexis Kulm
Sylvie: Kjersti Olson (Laurey Understudy)
Armina: Mo Plastow
Sam: Madeline Borgmeier
Youth Ensemble: Sophia Fette, Beckett Kustak, Penelope Kustak, Laura Sheppard, Nathan Sheppard, Collin Tebben

Hair Cast List

Berger: Tyler Peters
Woof: Shawn Shannon II
Hud: Clinton Store
Claude: Josiah Southall
Jeanie: Madison Lukomski
Dionne: Ebony Shanklin
Crissy: India Johnson
Sheila: Alex Newcomb Weiland
Tribe Member 1: Allegra Sekely
Tribe Member 2: Livia McFadden
Tribe Member 3: Etta Mckinley
Tribe Member 4: Summer Van Veen
Tribe Member 5: Audrey Simmons
Tribe Member 6: Kate Stahl
Tribe Member 7: Kelsey Burns
Tribe Member 8: Abby Schwedhelm
Tribe Member 9: Rosie Contreras
Tribe Member 10: Malia Lukomski
Tribe Member 11: Luke Humke
Tribe Member 12: Ryan Harrison
Tribe Member 13: Miles Cowan
Tribe Member 14: Jackson Heiberger
Tribe Member 15: Jim McLain

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