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June 13 - 23, 2024
Community Based Theatre In Sioux Falls, SD

‘Cinderella’ Cast Announcement!

We have begun rehearsals for Cinderella and they are off to a great start! We are thrilled to share our cast for this musical magical fairytale, full of new and familiar TPP faces. Check out our talented company below and see you at the Orpheum in April!

Katelyn Walsh
Understudy: Madison Gerhart

Patrick Simonsen
Understudy: Connor Klimek

Abby Kustak
Understudy: Annie Laird-Blau

Clinton Store
Understudy: Josh Grode Wolters

Lord Pinkleton
Adrian Johnson
Understudy: Jackson Heiberger

Alexandria Mathews
Understudy: Summer Van Veen

Ebony Shanklin
Understudy: Kjersti Olson

Casey Schultz
Understudy: Emma Madeja

Clay Ackerman
Understudy: Kale Hellman

Ava Breems *A.D./off-stage swing
Rosie Contreras
Miles Cowan *dance captain
Madison Gerhart
Josh Grode Wolters
Christian Heiberger *on-stage swing
Jackson Heiberger
Kale Hellman
Ann Henkhaus
India Johnson
Connor Klimek
Bekki Kniep
Ashley Laird-Blau
Lindsay Lindaman *on-stage swing
Brenda Ludens
Emma Madeja
Kjersti Olson
Abby Schwedhelm *on-stage swing
Allegra Sekely
Summer Van Veen
Liyah White

Youth Ensemble
Hanalei Barrett
Sophia Fette
Beckett Kustak
Penelope Kustak
Avianna Steen
Erika Steen
Delaney Van Veen
Josie Williams

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