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Blood Brothers Recap: Did You Spot All The Beatles References?

Now that Blood Brothers has ended, we’re look onward to A Christmas Carol premiering in December. But before we switch gears, we want to know if you spotted all of the Beatles references director Robin Byrne hid throughout the show. Some were extremely obvious, while some not so in-your-face. Here’s the list below:

  1. The show was set in Abbey Road.
  2. The cross street was Penny Lane.
  3. The barber shop on Penny Lane.
  4. The barber shop had the name “Billy Shears” in the window, a reference to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  5. The policeman was referred to as Sgt. Pepper.
  6. The Doctor was referred to as Dr. Robert, a track title on the Revolver album.
  7. The wall by the pay phone has “Sexy Sadie” graffitied on it, a track title on the White Album.
  8. In the first act we saw a fireman rush in with an hourglass. This is a line in the song Penny Lane.
  9. In the first act we saw a pretty nurse selling poppies from a tray, also in the song Penny Lane.
  10. When the bailiffs are repossessing Mrs. Johnstone’s furniture one is seen holding a Yellow Submarine.
  11. When the garage doors open to reveal the countryside, the clouds in teh sky spell “Lucy”, a reference to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.
  12. The fireplace in Mrs. Johnstone’s house had flowers and an octopus on the wallpaper above it, a reference to the song “Octopus’s Garden.

Thanks again so much for coming out to Blood Brothers and we can’t wait to see you at A Christmas Carol starting on December 2nd!


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