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Black History Month at The Premiere Playhouse

In honor of Black History Month, we at The Premiere Playhouse took some time in February to get to know, celebrate and highlight many of the black artists that are making artistic contributions to our organization this season and an even bigger impact on our community each day. Check out their photos, TPP bios and quotes below then hop over to our YouTube channel to enjoy our entire Inside The Premiere Playhouse: Black History Month Edition video series where you can see them talk more about their experiences – some of them even perform for you! Let’s give a round of applause to these amazing artists!

Shannon made her Orpheum stage debut in Season 18 where she rocked Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST as Babette and Dance Captain. She made a victorious return in this season’s opener, Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID as part of the Dance Ensemble Quartet where she played a Gull, Sea Creature & Maid, in addition to serving as co-dance captain and lift captain. Seeing a trend with the Disney shows and dancing? Us too! However, Shannon’s next contribution to TPP’s 21st season will include dance, but not Disney, as she struts into the role of Assistant Choreographer for our upcoming production of HAIR. Fun fact: She was the 3rd place winner in this season’s PREMIERE KARAOKE SHOWDOWN!

When asked how it feels to be a core part of a growing community of black theatre artists, Shannon shared: “To be part of this community with TPP – and around some many other black artists – is honestly very humbling and I’m very honored to be part of that. And have my talents and skills and opinions valued in this space, I think it’s truly amazing and it’s up-lifting. And anyone who would want to join and be part of this – it’s a loving space, it’s a community-centered space and all that you would find here is support to grow your artistry, and discover new things, and gain a bunch of new friends.”

Don’t miss Shannon’s creativity coming to life on the Orpheum stage this June in HAIR.

Livia will make her Orpheum Stage and The Premiere Playhouse debut in our upcoming production of HAIR as a featured tribe member. Although new to TPP, she has already made her mark with the delivery of her gorgeous vocals and joyous presentation. Don’t miss her sure to be incredible debut!

When asked what her favorite part of the theatre process is, Livia shared: “My favorite thing about the process of theatre is all the different little working parts that you can’t always see move but you know are happening – that behind the scenes, that imaginative space where they did such a good job that you can’t couldn’t see what was going on, but you knew it was happening. That is magic come to life for me. And I also just love the bonding, and the belonging atmosphere, the family – the community.”

See Livia shine among her new community at TPP this June in HAIR.

Etta made her Orpheum and The Premiere Playhouse debut this season in Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID with her jaw-dropping performance as Sebastian then continued her TPP journey in A CHRISTMAS CAROL as the delightful Mrs. Polkinghorne and an infamous Carol Singer. Next up, you will see her as a featured tribe member in our upcoming production of HAIR, where she will once again wow audiences with her undeniable talent and infectious energy.

When asked how it feels to be a core part of the community of black artists in Sioux Falls, Etta shared: “It’s really cool, actually, to be able to be a part of this community – and to be able to start building. I know this community can get so much bigger, and so many more people can join and become a part of it – I’m excited to see it grow.”

Experience the magic that is Etta when you catch her in HAIR this June.

Allegra made her Orpheum debut in Season 17 and has since been seen in various ensemble and featured roles of TPP productions, including MAMMA MIA!, Season 18’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and FOOTLOOSE, Season 20’s CINDERELLA, and this season’s opener, Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID, where she effortlessly portrayed mersister Atina and Princess 1 in addition to understudying the role of Sebastian. You most recently saw her elegant performance as Lila Johnson in Richard W. Swanson’s HEARING from this month’s THE PREMIERE PREMIERES. She has also volunteered backstage for several productions. Next you will see her shine as a featured tribe member in our upcoming production of HAIR!

When asked why being in the arts is important to her, Allegra said: “The part of the arts, as far as being on stage, that’s important to me is giving a face for – you know – all the little girls and boys that might not see their skin tone out there… They might not see their story in anyone before, that they’ve ever seen, and I think it’s just great that I can go on stage and be like: hey, you can do this.”

Support Allegra’s mission to share underrepresented perspectives with our community when you witness her groundbreaking performance in HAIR this June.

Ebony has become a frequent player on the Orpheum stage, having showcased her talents in TPP’s 20th season as Gabrielle in CINDERELLA and Marty in GREASE. See her shine yet again as she brings the tribe member Dionne to life in our 21st season finale HAIR!

When asked why being in the arts is important to her, Ebony shared: “Telling stories on stage is important to me because I believe that representation matters. I think that if people don’t see themselves up on a stage or on a screen, they’re not going to connect with stories – they’re not going to learn, they’re not going to grow – because they’re going to think it doesn’t apply to them. So… I feel like my duty as a performer is to be seen and to let – you know – the future generations know that – hey, you can do this too – it’s not just something that certain people can do.”

Witness Ebony’s dynamic stage presence and exhilarating vocals in HAIR this June.

Josiah has graced the Orpheum stage as an ensemble member in MAMMA MIA! and was most recently seen in the ensemble of TPP’s Season 20 finale GREASE, where he also understudied the role of Doody. Catch him in Season 21’s finale HAIR as our tribe’s leading player, Claude!

When asked what his favorite part of the theatre process is, Siah said: “My absolute favorite thing that always makes me feel amazing with performing arts is the family bond that you build with people, whether you know them or don’t. It’s always such a home feel – every time that you walk in… Everyone is always treated with so much love and kindness. It’s an easy way to express yourself.”

Catch Siah’s silky vocals and killer dance moves in HAIR this June.

Clinton has performed in countless TPP productions on the historic Orpheum stage, dating back to roles in all of Season 18’s mainstage productions and continuing with Season 19’s LOMBARDI and CABARET. In Season 20 he had star turns in A CHRISTMAS CAROL, CINDERELLA and GREASE. You most recently witnessed his powerful performance as King Triton in our Season 21 opener Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID and next up you’ll catch him in our season finale HAIR as tribe member Hud! Clinton currently serves on our TPP Board of Directors, working to cultivate diversity in our organization and help elevate the volunteer experience.

When asked why being in the arts is important to him, Clinton said: “Being a part of the arts, and being on stage, is important to me because it is an opportunity for us to experience… It’s a way for us to experience things in life that we normally don’t get a chance to do. When people come together in that theatre and they see a show, there is a connection that is instantly made for all of us. Even if we don’t all have the same opinion about it. We’re all together in that same space – and when we walk out of the theatre, we all experience something together. And we think about it. And we take that back with us. It makes us have a part in something that’s bigger than ourselves.”

Enjoy Clinton’s fierce moves, soaring vocals and captivating stage presence in HAIR this June.

Liyah made her Orpheum stage and The Premiere Playhouse debut in the ensemble of Season 20’s CINDERELLA. She is back this season for OKLAHOMA! in which she plays Ellen and understudy for Ado Annie. You don’t want to miss her infectious stage presence in her second Rodgers and Hammerstein musical with us!

When asked how she would label herself as an artist, Liyah said: “I would label myself as an artist by… Multiple hats. I’m not just one specific kind of artist. Me personally, I would consider myself a singer, dancer, actress – choreographer sometimes – in the shower, I’m dancing in the shower. Best place to dance, I guess. And it’s…. multiple hats.”

Experience Liyah hamming it up and making you giggle in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s OKLAHOMA! this April.


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