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Audition Notice: ‘Grease’

AUDITION NOTICE for The Premiere Playhouse’s production of GREASE

Auditions: Sunday, March 5th | 1:00pm-2:30pm (dance auditions), 2:30pm-5:00pm (vocal/acting auditions)
Tuesday, March 7th | 6:00pm-7:30pm (dance auditions), 7:30pm-10:00pm (vocal/acting auditions)
Callbacks: By invitation on Saturday, March 11th from 1:00pm-5:00pm
Location: TPP Offices & Anne Zabel Studio Theater in the Orpheum Theater Center | 315 N. Phillips Ave.


  • Company meet and greet/first read through on Thursday, April 13th
  • Community building and character development on Friday, April 14th
  • Rehearsals begin Sunday, April 16th and continue through Wednesday, June 14th
  • Rehearsals run Sundays from 1pm-5pm and Mondays through Thursdays from 6pm-10pm
  • Technical rehearsals are Saturday, June 10th & Sunday, June 11th (full days) and June 12th-14th (evenings)
  • Actors are not called to every staging, choreography, and music rehearsal; an estimated schedule will be released with weekly/daily updates for accurate call times. We do our best to avoid conflicts but sometimes are unable to accommodate, in which case an actor must learn the material they missed on their own time.
  • Actors are requested to be in attendance at every technical and dress rehearsal, as much as possible.
  • Performances are June 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, & 24th @ 7pm and June 17th, 18th, 24th, & 25th @ 2pm (10 total)
  • There will be outreach performances scheduled for this production, including a performance at a Canaries game and other community events. We are interested in working with actors who are excited about programming such as this.


Producer, Casting & Stage Director: Oliver Mayes
Music Director: Matthew Walicke | Choreographer: Magen Richeal


Zoom in on Rydell High’s senior class of 1959: the duck-tailed, hot-rodding “Burger Palace Boys” and gum-snapping, hip-shaking “Pink Ladies”, each evoking the look and sound of the 1950s in this rollicking musical. Through many highs and lows, new girl Sandy Dumbrowski and head “greaser” Danny Zuko try to relive the high romance of their “Summer Nights” as the rest of the crew sings and dances their way through teenage woes. In addition to being a whole lot of fun, Grease is a radical, visceral rock musical that offers the idea of trading tradition and repression for a serving of adventure and freedom, with a generous helping of cultural chaos and embracing your inner rockstar.


The club-jacketed, gum-chewing, hip-swinging girls’ group of Rydell High.
Sandy Dumbrowski (she/her), high school teen | voice range: soprano, A3–F#5
New girl in town and newest addition to the Pink Ladies. Sweet, wholesome, naive, and innocent.
Betty Rizzo (she/her), high school teen | voice range: alto A3–C5
Leader of the Pink Ladies; tough, sarcastic, and outspoken but vulnerable.
Frenchy (she/her), high school teen | voice range: alto, A3–D5
A dreamer; good-natured but not too smart. She is heavily made up and fussy about her appearance, particularly her hair.
Marty (she/her), high school teen | voice range: alto, C4–C5
The ‘beauty’ of the Pink Ladies; looks older than the other girls, but betrays her real age when she opens her mouth.
Jan (she/her), high school teen | voice range: alto, A3–C5
Funny, loud, and awkward member of the Pink Ladies. Pushy with the girls, but shy with boys.

A super-cool, D.A.-haired, hard-looking group of high school wheeler-dealers… or so they think.
Danny Zuko (he/him), high school teen | voice range: tenor, D4–B5
The leader of the Burger Palace Boys; strong and confident, with an air of easy-going charm.
Kenickie (he/him), high school teen | voice range: tenor, C4–F5
The second in command of the Burger Palace Boys; tough-looking, tattooed, surly, and avoids any show of softness. Has an offbeat sense of humor.
Doody (he/him), high school teen | voice range: tenor, D4–A5
The youngest of the guys; small, boyish, and open, with a disarming smile and a hero-worshiping attitude toward the other guys. Plays the guitar.
Roger (he/him), high school teen | voice range: tenor, D4–A5
The anything-for-a-laugh type of guy; a clown who enjoys winding people up, he is full of mischief and is always dreaming up half-baked schemes and ideas.
Sonny Latierri (he/him), high school teen | voice range: baritone, G3–A5
Funny braggart and wheeler-dealer who thinks he’s a real lady-killer.

Patty Simcox (she/her), high school teen | voice range: alto, D4–A4
A typical cheerleader; attractive, athletic, sure-of-herself, but can be given to bursts of disconcerting enthusiasm. A bit of a pain, unpopular with the Pink Ladies, and can twirl a baton.
Eugene Florczyk (he/him), high school teen | voice range: tenor, A3–E5
The class valedictorian; physically awkward, with weak eyes and a high-pitched voice. He’s both smug and pompous, but gullible.
Johnny Casino (he/him), high school teen | voice range: tenor, G4–E5
All-American, rock-star “greaser” student at Rydell High, whose real name is Clarence. Plays the guitar.
Cha-Cha, aka Charlene Digregorio (she/her), high school teen | voice range: alto, C4–C5
The best dancer at St. Bernadette’s; a loud mouth, she wins the dancing competition with Danny.
Ensemble (various), high school teens | voice ranges: all
Rydell High students of various grade levels, identities, personalities, and social groups.

Teen Angel (he/him), flexible adult age range | voice range: tenor, E4–F5
Frenchy’s suave and slick guardian angel, who encourages her to stay in school.
Vince Fontaine (he/him), young adult age range | flexible voice range
A typical ‘teen audience’ disc jockey; slick, egotistical and fast-talking. He is also a veteran ‘Greaser.’
Miss Lynch (she/her), flexible adult age range | flexible voice range
A no-nonsense, serious, loud English teacher.


  • One 32 bar cut (1 minute) or two contrasting 16 bar cuts (30 seconds) of songs in the style of pop/rock. Songs can be from the musical theatre or commercial music catalog, but if you are auditioning with two pieces we ask that one piece be from a musical and/or the pieces differ in tempo and vocal approach. Songs specifically from the 50s rock catalog are enthusiastically welcomed but not required.
  • A pianist will be provided; please bring your sheet music hole punched and in a binder with your audition cut properly marked. Accompaniment recordings or karaoke tracks are also allowed and audio equipment will be available. Please know where to start your recording should you choose to use one. Singers using our pianist will be seen first. A cappella (unaccompanied) auditions are not allowed.
  • Participation in the scheduled dance call. Please wear clothing you can move in. No jeans or open toed shoes, please. Tennis shoes are appropriate footwear for the dance combination.


  • We welcome those ages 18 and above to audition.
  • Please arrive at the 6:00pm start time for auditions and communicate with us via email at [email protected] if you are not able to arrive on time. Each audition day will begin with the dance call then we will move into vocal/acting auditions.
  • The pronouns provided describe the gender identity of the character in the story and may not necessarily reflect the gender identity of the actor playing them. Please feel free to express your interest or comfortability with playing roles of any gender expression.
  • We welcome performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, abilities/exceptionalities, and body types.
  • Understudies and swings will be cast, as possible and needed. More information on these positions will be provided at callbacks.

Please complete your audition form and register for auditions here by Friday, March 3rd at 5:00pm. Requests for video auditions, questions, and updates can be directed to the casting team at [email protected].

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