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Audition For The Premiere Premieres!

The Premiere Playhouse has announced our auditions for our upcoming production at the Belbas Theater in the Washington Pavilion, The Premiere Premieres! This production includes two half length plays curated into one full length performance: Broadly Speaking… And Other B.S. by Nancy Tapken, Beth Olsen, Julie Sauer, Jill Johnson, and Sue Martens as well as The Theater at Night by Mo Hurley. If you are interested in getting involved in local new play development, check out the audition details below!

for The Premiere Playhouse’s production of
The Premiere Premieres
New plays by local playwrights!

Broadly Speaking… And Other B.S.
by Nancy Tapken, Beth Olsen, Julie Sauer, Jill Johnson, and Sue Martens

The Theatre at Night
By Mo Hurley

Auditions: Tuesday, January 3rd & Wednesday, January 4th 6:00pm-9:00pm (auditions), 9:00pm-10:30pm (callbacks)
Location: TPP Offices & Anne Zabel Studio Theater in the Orpheum Theater Center | 315 N. Phillips Ave.

Possible company meet & greet/first read through on Thursday, January 5th
Rehearsals begin Sunday, January 8th and continue through Wednesday, February 15th
Rehearsals run Sundays from 1pm-5pm and Mondays through Wednesdays from 6pm-10pm
Each show typically rehearses for half the rehearsal time (i.e. 2 hours in length each day or half the days each week)
Technical rehearsals begin February 12th (full day) and continue through February 15th (evenings)
Performances are February 16th through 18th at 7pm and February 19th at 2pm (4 total)

Producer & Casting Director: Oliver Mayes
Directors: Shannon Wright – Broadly Speaking… And Other B.S. | Brittney Lewis – The Theater at Night
Playwrights: Nancy Tapken, Beth Olsen, Julie Sauer, Jill Johnson, Sue Martens – Broadly Speaking… And Other B.S. | Mo Hurley – The Theater at Night

Broadly Speaking… And Other B.S. is a kaleidoscope of conversations that bridge the past and present, gleaned from decades of living, learning and loving.

#1 (female presenting), age range 40-60: No-nonsense type who is easily irritated by things she feels she has no control over. Good with people, has a sense of humor and tries not to take herself too seriously.

#2 (female presenting), age range 40-60: Energetic, straightforward person that is optimistic, hopeful, and usually cheerful but can be serious when it comes to certain topics. Loves to laugh, even at herself.

#3 (female presenting), age range 40-60:
Brash, unapologetic, a bit awkward but not a shrinking violet by any means. Knows who she is and is just fine with it, thank you.

#4 (female presenting), age range 40-60: Savvy and well-educated, generally confident and strong but has a softer side that tends toward nostalgia and sometimes a bit of silliness. Has an attitude of gratitude but also likes the way things used to be rather than the way they are now.

#5 (female presenting), age range 40-60: Carefree, fun and sometimes funny but has become that way because of trials in her past that haven’t always been easy. Doesn’t care much what others think about her.

Elderly male (male presenting), over the age of 80.

Teenager (male or female presenting), age 14-17.

The Theater at Night is a play about the magic of theatre, and the community it creates, even when artists are displaced from their sanctuary: the theater itself.

Director (male presenting), any age: No nonsense.

Young Marianne (female presenting), 20s: Bold radio actress.

Young Albert (male presenting), 20s: Timid stagehand.

Ray Davenport (male presenting), any age: Radio personality.

Albert (male presenting), 70s: Usher.

Marianne (female presenting), 70s.

Shay (female presenting), 20s: Current day actress, compassionate.

Becca (female presenting), 20s: Current day actress, flighty but well meaning.

Dave (male presenting), any age: Current day actor, doubles as a grief group member.

Ethan (male presenting), any age: Current day actor, doubles as a grief group member.

Current Day Director (male presenting), any age: Good-natured.

Therapist (female presenting), any age: Earnest.

Puck | Ghost of Christmas Present | Queen of Hearts | Ballerina | Pianist | String Player | Singer

There are no requirements for auditions – come as you are! We will have auditionees read short scenes directly from the plays with other auditionees. Auditions begin at 6:00p.m. and will continue until everyone has been seen, then callbacks will take place directly after so you can complete your entire audition process in one night!

    The casting team is looking to cast an ensemble of about 20 actors to play these roles. There is no age requirement for auditions, but we will be casting actors in accordance with the age ranges provided in the character descriptions.
  • Please arrive at the 6:00pm start time for auditions and communicate with us via email at [email protected] if you are not able to arrive on time.
  • The pronouns and gender presentations provided describe the gender identity of the character in the story and may not necessarily reflect the gender identity of the actor playing them.
  • We welcome performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, abilities/exceptionalities, and body types.
  • Understudies and swings will be cast, as possible and needed.
  • There will be some cross casting where actors may play a principal character in one play and a supporting role in the other play.

Please complete the audition form to sign up for your audition here. Requests for video auditions, questions, and updates can be directed to the casting team at [email protected].

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