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June 13 - 23, 2024
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Announcing… The Premiere Premieres Productions!

Through a successful day at our recent Festival of New Plays on August 19th, we have found our two finalist plays to be showcased in Season 21’s production of The Premiere Premieres! The plays to be produced by TPP in February of 2024 are:

Comfortably Single by Leigh Spencer


Hearing by Richard Swanson

Congratulations, Leigh and Richard!

The other plays showcased at this year’s Festival of New Plays were Could Have Been Me by Sara Dockter, The Inchworm and the Albatross by Hope Dunkle, and Well Wishes by Avianna Steen. TPP would like to thank our esteemed panel of adjudicators for this event: Jayna Gearheart Fitzsimmons, Debbi Jones, and Luke Tatge, all of whom provided our playwrights with invaluable feedback as they continue to evolve their plays.

More on the Festival of New Plays and The Premiere Premieres: This three phase program serves as a platform and development lab for local artists creating original theatrical works. Through an open submission and blind review process, we sought out new, original one-act plays generated by talent residing in and around our beautiful city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Phase 1). The five semi-finalist submissions were invited to produce concert readings in front of our esteemed panel of adjudicators consisting of theatre educators, directors, producers, writers, and adaptors at our Festival of New Plays (Phase 2). From these readings, two finalist plays were chosen for full production treatment and further play development opportunities in our 2nd annual production of The Premiere Premieres, running February 15th to 18th of 2024 at the historic Orpheum Theater in downtown Sioux Falls (Phase 3).

Keep writing and creating, Sioux Falls!

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