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Sep 28 - Oct 8, 2023

Announcing…The 3rd Annual Christmas Carol Cast!

TPP is pumped to announce the cast...

Audition Notice: The Premiere Premieres & The Glass Menagerie


Upcoming Acting Classes: Auditioning And Tap Dancing

Hello fellow and aspiring actors! The Premiere...

Announcing… The Premiere Premieres Productions!

Through a successful day at our recent...

A Community Thrives – Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Our fundraising GOAL of $6,000 will help us continue a very unique and dear to our hearts program called The Penguin Project.

We are so proud to be the 39th Chapter of this nationally recognized theatre program for children with all abilities. We hope to be able to continue the Penguin Project as part of our annual education program – YOUR DONATION will help us do so!

Visit our Education Page to read more about this wonderful program!

What YOU can do: Give to The Premiere Playhouse (Sioux Empire Community Theatre) to support their A Community Thrives campaign.

When: NOW through August 12th

Where: Online HERE!

How: Like us on Facebook and Instagram and Follow us on Twitter @HeyPremiere

Tell your friends! Share this Post via Email, Facebook, and Twitter! Help us get the word out about A Community Thrives. Follow the leaderboard and help us get to the top!

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