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Teaching Artist

Join The Premiere Playhouse as a Resident Teaching Artist!


  • To help enlighten the Sioux Falls theatre community with more opportunities to learn different elements of what goes into theatre. 
  • To bring new opportunities to the SF Theatre Community that helps us to engage with challenges we face or obstacles we fear. 
  • To provide outlets for actors and theatre technicians in our community to grow and develop their craft and creative skills.


  • A background in theatre. This can span from all aspects of technical, management and performance. 
  • Experience in theatre education and development
  • Ability to lead large groups with poise, patience, kindness and formality. 
  • Able to collaborate with the Education Coordinator and Executive/Artistic Director to follow the mission statement of The Premiere Playhouse and Education Department.

Looking For:

  • Theatre Teachers and Professionals from the Sioux Falls area who would like the opportunity to put on workshops specializing around both technical and performanced based theatre.
  • Ability to teach people of all ages the basics of your specialization of theatre
  • Ability to lead large groups and provide structure

Description: You will be responsible for putting together a 3 hour workshop that premieres on a Saturday of your choice in 2022. There will only be one session & date per workshop, this is subject to change. You will be responsible for putting together a list of equipment, supplies & needs for your workshops. This must stay within the budget provided. You are responsible for recruiting help for your said workshop as it fits within the means of the budget. This is not required but encouraged. The Premiere Playhouse will be responsible for set up and tear down of the class, handle registration, marketing, obtaining materials and reserving the space. 

Work Hours: Hours preparing for workshop & meeting deadlines agreed upon with the Education Coordinator, 3 hours for workshop presentation.

How to Apply: Fill out the application form via the button below. Along with your application, upload a proposal with a description and lesson plan for your workshop. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]!