Upcoming: Frog and Toad KIDS
July 26 - 27, 2024
Community Based Theatre In Sioux Falls, SD

Penguin Project Director

The Premiere Playhouse is looking for a Penguin Project Director!

Please read the job description below to see if it fits your unique skillset. We welcome ALL applicants for this great community based theatre opportunity!

Position Overview:

The Director is responsible for overseeing and orchestrating the interpretation and performance of the production. The Director reports to the Production Specialist & Education Coordinator. The director will be working with individuals of All Abilities in the age range of 10-25. The Director should have a large capability in understanding, patience & guiding individuals to treat one another with the proper respect, language, & physical boundaries as required by their position. The Director should have experience and background in working with individuals of All Abilities. The Director will work closely with the Mentor Coordinator(s) & Education Coordinator to ensure proper behavior protocol and analysis is in place during rehearsals and performances. The Director will lead with empathy & understanding to create an inclusive, positive and respectful learning environment. The Director should set an example of professional behavior in rehearsal and in performance that teaches harmonious relationships and teamwork, centered on the purpose of creating a successful production, welcoming environment and lead with patience.


Rehearsals will take place over a 3-4 month period per Penguin Project guidelines. Rehearsals begin the first week of May through August, with performances the second weekend of August. The Director is expected to attend all rehearsals as it pertains to the preapproved rehearsal schedule. The Director will work with the Education Coordinator & other production team members to create the production schedule per the Penguin Project guidelines & personal availability.