The People of the Tattoo: A Radio Play

The People of the Tattoo: A Radio Play

Another WORLD PREMIERE RADIO PLAY! Tune in at 6:00 pm tonight to listen to The People of the Tattoo: A Radio Play by Jeff Gould, all recorded by local Sioux Falls actors in the safety of their homes.

The year is 1924. Intrepid explorer, Dr Harold LeClerke, has discovered a mysterious jungle tribe, a legendary civilization with extraordinary powers of strength stamina and healing. But his attempts at bringing their medicine to the modern world result in a spinning vortex of evil that no one can escape. Gather the family around, pop some popcorn and turn off the lights…if you dare.

Announcer: Jeff Gould
Dr LeClerk: Clinton Store
Dr O’Keefe: Mike Kutter
Doctor 1: Jordan Deffenbaugh
Doctor 2: Bob Uecker
Doctorr 3: @Jesse Jensen
Maggie: Chelsea Kappenman
Simms: Robin Byrne
Outooba: Chris Andrews
Loombari: Alex R. Hey

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