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Announcing…The 3rd Annual Christmas Carol Cast!

TPP is pumped to announce the cast...

Audition Notice: The Premiere Premieres & The Glass Menagerie


Upcoming Acting Classes: Auditioning And Tap Dancing

Hello fellow and aspiring actors! The Premiere...

Announcing… The Premiere Premieres Productions!

Through a successful day at our recent...

What People Are Saying About “A Christmas Carol”

The first week of “A Christmas Carol” has wrapped and audiences are loving it! We’ve put everything we had into this production and we’re beyond thrilled that Sioux Falls and our surrounding communities are joining us for this holiday tradition. Check out what people are saying below and get your tickets here if you haven’t yet!

Post Show Audience Reactions

In-Depth Review from Broadway World

It is so good for our city to have a holiday theatrical performance to celebrate all that is good about humanity at Christmas. I had tears in my eyes as the audience sang along to the closing strains of a beautiful song and sentiment “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and will remember the experience of this unique adaptation of A Christmas Carol with fondness for so many aspects of the production.   -Sonja Niles

Read the full Broadway World review here.

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