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June 13 - 23, 2024
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The Buzz Surrounding “A Christmas Carol”!

Folks, A Christmas Carol debuts tonight and The Premiere Playhouse couldn’t be more excited! And what’s even more exciting is that Sioux Falls seems to be just as excited as us! We’ve put so much into this production and we can’t wait to share this Broadway-caliber experience with you and your loved ones.

Below are just some of things we can share before we draw the curtains tonight!

First: Check out our early behind-the-scenes look at A Christmas Carol in this post here!

Above: We made the front page of the Argus Leader! Read the article here as we talk about making A Christmas Carol an annual holiday tradition.

Above: The Ghost of Christmas Future visited the 2021 Parade of Lights. (Photo Credit: Argus Leader)

Above: Interview with Dakota News Now: “A Christmas Carol” summons Sioux Falls’ local talent.

Above: We had a blast making this timelapse video of Rick Weiland getting into character as Jacob Marley!

Above: Our very own Bob Cratchit tells a story to his family.

Meet The Cratchit Family: Ashley Laird-Blau (Mrs. Cratchit), Bart Workman (Bob Cratchit), Marisa Moser (Martha Cratchit), Peter Cratchit (Christian Heiberger). Children pictured from left to right: Hanalei Barrett (Belinda Cratchit) and Wyatt Cooper (Tiny Tim).

We can’t wait to share this experience with you. Get your tickets today!

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