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June 13 - 23, 2024
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Most of you are aware that at the end of Season 15, The Sioux Empire Community Theatre ran into financial problems and a restructuring of the Board and the Leadership Team took place with two fundamental objectives in mind: to secure our financial future and to improve the quality and professionalism of our productions. This involved a serious reduction in overheads and a commitment to a strong marketing plan. As the Executive and Artistic Director, I strongly recommended rebranding as part of the process of developing a professional image and the creation of a professional theatre organization designed to serve and offer opportunities to local volunteers. This also presented an opportunity to offer the naming rights to any local company that may be interested and thus deliver good outcomes to both of our fundamental objectives.

Over the past three seasons we have made a (no pun intended) dramatic recovery and our progress with regard to financial security and quality improvement is nothing short of breathtaking. We cannot stop there however, we must push forward and continue to grow our team, increase our footprint, be innovative, inclusive, collaborative, daring and resilient. We continue to be a community theatre that strives to deliver high quality affordable live theatre. In so doing we aim to inspire, cultivate and develop a rich pool of local talent thereby making our community an even more amazing place in which to live.

We chose to pay homage to those who pioneered the way for us when choosing our new name. Many of our patrons to this day still refer to us as The Playhouse. We are and will remain completely independent and self-managed. We hope that you approve of our decision and are as thrilled as we are with our evolution towards a truly professional company dedicated to providing the very best in community theatre.

Thank you for your love and support of live theatre.

Robin Byrne
Executive and Artistic Director
The Premiere Playhouse

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