Cabaret: Behind The Scenes With Our Intimacy Coordinator

This past week The Premiere Playhouse had the opportunity to work with the Intimacy Coordinator, Alicia Topolnycky. Her services have been very valuable for our upcoming production of Cabaret in making sure all of our actors feel safe and comfortable on stage together. Thanks, Alicia!

About Alicia:

Alicia Topolnycky @intimacycoordinatoratx is an experienced Intimacy Coordinator working in Austin, Los Angeles, and the SW region. Intimacy Professionals, just like Fight Directors and Stunt Coordinators, are an essential role in the entertainment industry. Alicia’s goal is to empower artists to safely and efficiently craft intimate scenes which will deepen their storytelling. She does this by bringing choreography, consent-centered practices, and dedicated support to each phase of film, TV, or stage production. Alicia will be leading a workshop illuminating the best practices actors and directors use for scenes that involve nudity, simulated sex, and other forms of intimacy. To learn more about Alicia’s work, visit her website 

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