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February 16 - 19, 2023

Cinderella Audition Notice

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Presenting The ‘Premiere Premieres’ Cast

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Announcing Audition Dates for Season 20

The Premiere Playhouse has announced our remaining Season 20 mainstage auditions!

Check out the dates below to see when you can audition for these exciting productions.

  • The Premiere Premieres Auditions and Callbacks: January 3rd & 4th
  • Cinderella Auditions: February 5th & 7th | Callbacks: February 11th
  • Grease Auditions: March 5th & 7th | Callbacks: March 11th

Requirements and other details for auditions will be provided through a casting breakdown released for each show, which goes live at least two weeks prior to a production’s set of auditions. Auditionees can expect to see a casting breakdown for our upcoming production at the Belbas Theater in the Washington Pavilion, The Premiere Premieres in the next week or two!

The Premiere Premieres is our inaugural production debuting the work of local playwrights. This season’s production includes Mo Hurley’s The Theater at Night as well as Broadly Speaking… And Other B.S. by Nancy Tapken, Beth Olsen, Julie Sauer, Jill Johnson, and Sue Martens.

Stay tuned for details and we’ll see you in the audition room soon!

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