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Announcing…The 3rd Annual Christmas Carol Cast!

TPP is pumped to announce the cast of our THIRD annual production of A Christmas Carol! Check out this list of superstars and we’ll see you at the Orpheum in December for a Sioux Falls holiday tradition!

Ebenezer Scrooge – Tom Roberts (Tom Simmons U/S)
Merriweather – Terry Zerfas
Ghost of Jacob Marley – Rod Pierce (Jesse Jensen U/S)
Ghost of Christmas Past – Tiffany Clanton (Bekki Kniep U/S)
Ghost of Christmas Present – Tom Chleborad (Clinton Store U/S)
Ghost of Christmas Future – Joshua Sauer
Bob Cratchit – Bart Workman (Jim McLain U/S)
Mrs. Cratchit – Ashley Laird Blau (Amanda McMillan U/S)
Peter Cratchit / Fezziwig delivery guy – Christian Heiberger (Torry Serck U/S)
Belinda Cratchit – Hanalei Barrett (Zooey Webber U/S)
Martha Cratchit / Young Fan U/S – Avianna Steen (Marisa Moser U/S)
Tiny Tim – Wyatt Cooper (Leif Moritz U/S)
George – Josh Hunter
Mr. Wimple – Tom Simmons
Mrs. Wimple – Heaven Welch
Carol Singer #1 – Bill Kubat
Carol Singer #2 – Phil Kappen
Carol Singer #3 – Jim McClain
Carol Singer #4 – Etta Mckinley
Carol Singer #5 – Amanda McMillan
Carol Singer #6 – Malia Buchanan
Bunty – Morgan Moritz
Bumble – Nancy Fees
Mr. Sykes – Phil Kappen (Bill Kubat U/S)
Beggar Boy – Jaxson Boen
Youngest Ebenezer Scrooge – Perrin Boraas-Getman
Ignorance – Alivia Dice
Want – Marley Boen
Young Fanny – Rachel Row
Mr. Fezziwig – Dave Baumeister (Bill Kubat U/S)
Mrs. Fezziwig – Lisa Kutter (Etta McKinley U/S)
Young Ebenezer – Jackson Heiberger (Josh Sauer U/S)
Dick Wilkins – Jim McLain (Josh Sauer U/S)
Dora Fezziwig – Emily Piper
Deirdre Fezziwig – Rosita Contreras
Daisy Fezziwig – Rachel Row
David / Turkey Deliverer – Torry Serck
Daniel / Priest – Josh Maldonado
Belle – Amanda McMillan (Heaven Welch U/S)
Belle’s future husband – Jim McLain (Josh Sauer U/S)
Fred Scrooge – Jonathon Buchanan (Josh Hunter U/S)
Kitty Scrooge – Amy Gage (Emily Piper U/S)
Jane – India Johnson
Sally – Abby Schwedhelm
Mabel – Heaven Welch
Topper – Jackson Heiberger (Josh Sauer U/S)
Vicar Polkinghorne – Bill Kubat
Mrs. Polkinghorne – Rosita Contreras
Mr. Bull – Phil Kappen
Mr. Bear – Josh Hunter
Mr. Bones – Dave Baumeister
URCHIN 1 / STUDENT / Belle’s son – Leif Moritz
URCHIN 2 / STUDENT – Gryphon Boraas Simmons
URCHIN 3 / STUDENT / Wimple child – Marley Boen
URCHIN 4 / STUDENT / Belle’s daughter – Alivia Dice
URCHIN 5 / STUDENT / Belle’s daughter – Zooey Webber
URCHIN 6 / Mistletoe Seller – Koa Buchanon

Buy your tickets today and we’ll see you for a revamped Christmas Carol!

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