Now Showing: Young Frankenstein

Sept 29 - Oct 9, 2022

Young Frankenstein Interview on Dakota News Now!

This morning our Managing Artistic Director Oliver...

Audition For A Christmas Carol!

AUDITION NOTICE for The Premiere Playhouse’s annual production...

Broadway World: Young Frankenstein First Look

As our first Season 20 production Young...

Come See Us At The Sidewalk Arts Festival!

This Saturday (9/10/22) is the Sidewalk Arts...

Acting Classes

Welcome to The Premiere Playhouse's acting classes! These classes are designed by our seasoned theatre experts to help you succeed in your own theatrical career. Slots are limited so sign up before they get filled!

Scene Study

A weekly class that focuses on the interpretation of text through performance, discussion, and technique.
2 Sessions: Ages 14-17 & 18+

Acting In Musical Theatre

A weekly class that uses the techniques of acting through song to tell a story.
2 Sessions: Ages 14-17 & 18+